Milo's City Cafe

Weekend Specials

Memorial Weekend Breakfast Specials

May 25 & 26, 2019

  • Big Brisket Biscuit

take a freshly made big biscuit then layer it with slices of roasted beef brisket, braised swiss chard, a schmeer of smoked tomato jam, an egg and a glaze of the brisket jus…served with fresh cut fruit
  • Thai Shrimp Benedict

fresh Oregon bay shrimp & coconut milk cake grilled, layered on a crisp English muffin with soft poached eggs, draped with red Thai curry scented hollandaise sauce then served with fresh cut fruit and Milo’s breakfast potatoes


Memorial Weekend Dinner Specials

May 24 & 25, 2019

  •  BBQ Pork Ribs

Danish cut baby back pork ribs lightly smoked, braised slow & low, finished on the char-broiler with a fresh blueberry bbq sauce, served with baked beans and fresh corn on the cob 
  • Sturgeon with Vegetable Paella 

fresh sturgeon filet simply char-broiled then served on a savoury paella studded with sweet peppers, fennel, garlic, artichoke hearts, saffron  and olives
  • Bistro Special: Salmon Burger

a little bit smaller portion… fresh, wild caught northwest salmon, minced, pattied, grilled, layered on a housemade bun with tartar sauce, lettuce & tomato…served with your choice of our housemade soups, green salad or fries

Happy Birthday greetings this week to Gregoria, sister Carla, sister Joy, Jessie and Milo 

Happy Anniversary to Loey and Andy.